Daniel Lemmon

Daniel Lemmon, self-employed, is just 21 years old and lives in Bruce, MS.  He has been an outdoorsman ever since he could walk.  His parents homeschooled him and taught him as much about nature as they did about reading and writing.  Daniel killed a 150 inch buck on public land when he was 17 years old.  Jeremy Aron, lifelong friends with his parents and now Daniel, has encouraged his love for hunting on public land. Daniel has hunted on public land in 13 states and harvested animals in 10 of them.  Daniel took two Pope and Young size bucks on public land in two different states in 2022.  Also in 2022, Daniel went to Montana hunting all by himself.  He killed an elk and a mule deer on public land.  Daniel is a part of the Do It Yourself Hunter Channel on YouTube.  Daniel, an avid bowhunter, just recently began competing in 3D Archery Shoots.