Johnathan Moreland

My name is Johnathan Moreland and I was born and raised in the Delta Region of Southern Arkansas. I started hunting at a very young age thanks to my father and fell in love with bowhunting after killing my first deer with a bow at the age of 14. Since that day I have 22 years of bowhunting experience under my belt chasing whitetails all over Southern Arkansas. For the last 12 years I have strictly hunted with traditional equipment which is now my passion and have taken multiple P&Y whitetails with longbow and recurve including a 162 2/8 taken with a longbow on public land and also the largest whitetail ever taken by longbow in The Natural State at 186 3/8. I thoroughly enjoy the pursuit of trying to close within stickbow range of a wary whitetail while also taking on the task of self filming for the ultimate bowhunting challenge.